This is the end? (No, because I can’t find it)

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So I’ve been writing. Not what I expected to be writing but maybe that’s a good thing. For the last week I’ve been trying my hand at flash fiction. I’ve learned that I’m terrible at it.
I’m having a hard time being succinct, getting to the point and sticking the landing (writing a serviceable ending) has proven to be a Herculean challenge.
Chuck Wendig over at┬áhas issued a weekly writing challenge; he provides the title and you (me) provide 1000 words. There are a handful of titles to choose from, all intriguing but I’m stuck. I’ve chosen the title The Apocalypse Ticket and while I think my idea could work, I’m not completely confident though there’s only one way to find out. Write it.
It’s “due” Friday at 12pm est which means 11am for me. I’ll post the finished project on this blog as soon as it is done.

I’ve got a workable idea and one day to complete it…..Time to get to work.
Until next time,