Time to get Serious

This is the third time I have tried to start this blog. The third time in about 7 years. Each time the pattern stays the same. I write for a while, I get into a productive routine and then life intervenes bringing chaos, responsibility and distraction thus destroying the routine and the blog dies a slow, lonely, death. My productivity as a writer usually dies right along with it.

I can’t guarantee that it  won’t happen again and that is a scary feeling.

My life’s ambition is to be a published author. The biggest reason that hasn’t happened yet is, me.  I am easily distracted, undisciplined and that makes it hard to be productive. Still, I believe anything worth accomplishing will take multiple failures before success becomes possible and failure requires attempts so here we go again.

This blog is to serve as my writing journal. To track my attempts, air my frustrations and share a little of what I accomplish.

2016 is my year to complete things. I am beginning my  third  decade of life on this planet this year and I am determined to make this one count.

Until next time,